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Restored Hope Ministries gives sex trafficked and sexually exploited women and children a sense of HOPE! The lives these women and children live while captive by a pimp, club owner, family member or boyfriend offers no HOPE at all. They live and function in a constant state of HOPELESSNESS!


Restored Hope Ministries is a long term safe-house program for women ages 17-45 who have been victims of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.

At this time we are unable to house pregnant women or women with children in the first two phases. However, we do find placement for the children when needed. Our apartment complex is used for our phase three program and this is when children are able to come join mom in her new healthy and whole state.

The Restore Hope Ministries Program involves turning away from the life you are living right now and because of that there are prerequisites.

For your safety, and during your stay in the program, cell phones, computer access, males, sex, drugs/alcohol, smoking and social media access, will not be allowed. There will be limited access to visitation from family or friends. Your family will be able to send letters to you after your orientation at the Pastors discretion. Once you have completed the required restoration phase of the program, you will have access to a cell phone and computer for job preparation.

Approved Visitation Only

Media & Electronics Free Zone

No Contact with Opposite Sex

Celibacy During Program

Drug & Alcohol Free Zone

Smoke Free Atmosphere 

18 to 24 Month Live In Program

The Restored Hope Ministries' 18 to 24 month program consists of housing, food, and most basic necessities required for their protection and security. The program is divided into two phases: Restoration and Empowerment.




The first 12-15 months is the restoration phase. The program participant is removed from their adverse situation and expected to stay disconnected from this past environment so that the program participant can be restored. Once restored, the program participant enters the second phase of the program: empowerment.



In the empowerment phase, the program participant is helped to find employment while continuing to have her housing, food, and most basic necessities paid for her by the program. This phase gives the program participant time to build some financial foundation before going back out on her own. After her graduation, the graduate has the option to transition into a fully furnished 1 bedroom apartment.

  Additional Program Information  



Restored Hope Ministries provide food, clothes, and shelter needs of the program participants for 18 to 24 months.


Extensive drug and alcohol recovery. Restored Hope Ministries provides non-medicated detox treatment.



Restored Hope Ministries provides a free mentor and free professional counseling to each program participant while they are in the program.



The Restored Hope Ministries encourages the residents to form their own Bible Studies so that they can improve their Christian walk. Restored Hope Ministries is always looking for female volunteers to come in and lead the residents in a weekly or monthly Bible study. If you would like to get involved in this way, please reach out on our contact page.



Restored Hope Ministries has just been gifted a 16 apartment complex that has one bedroom rooms with living area, bathroom, and kitchen. Restored Hope Ministries has 16 apartments that are a great setting for children to be reunited with their mothers. Apartments are fully furnished by Restored Hope Ministries. With continued groups, support, counseling, access codes to enter building and 24-hour surveillance.  Both mom and children can feel safe, supported, and look forward to the future.



Restored Hope Ministries provides smoking discontinuation services for all participants. These process include free nicotine patches and one-on-one & group counseling. 



Celebrate Recovery is biblically-based 12-Step program to deal with any hurts, habits, or hang-ups. Celebrate Recovery is open to anyone who wants to experience healing in their life, no matter what  issues you may be dealing with. Celebrate Recovery is a required course for all residents of Restored Hope Ministries.



Restored Hope Ministries provides minor medical and dental procedures for the program participants while they are in the program.



Restored Hope Ministries provides some legal consultation to help the program participants work through their legal issues as long as they stay in the program such as fines, warrants, and simple divorce procedure. Sometimes being in this program can count against some of the jail time.



Restored Hope Ministries offers computer courses covering entire Microsoft Office package. This includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.



Restored Hope Ministries helps prepare the resident for re-entry into society. Part of that re-entry is job preparedness. Restored Hope Ministries will help the resident with the creation of a resume, will help with a mock job interview, will help with the do's and don'ts of job interviewing, and finding a job.

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