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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the women come from?

We take ladies from anywhere in the US, from any state, city, and county. Sex trafficked victims are in every city in America. We have ladies who have come to us from; Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Illinois, Idaho, Tennessee, California, Nevada, Washington State, Hawaii and others.

Do the women have children?

About 85 % of the women we work with have from 1 to 7 children. They are with grandparents, in foster care, CPS, aunts & uncles and friends.

What happens to the children while the mother is with us?

Restored Hope Ministries does not house children in Phases 1 or 2. However, with reunification as the ultimate goal we do facilitate weekly calls and consistent communications throughout the year with the children, bi-weekly visits, as well as extended Christmas & Thanksgiving day visitation. Reunification is ALWAYS our goal and a first priority in Phase 3

What is our success rate?

Since 2013 we have had 97 women in the program. They stayed from 30 minutes, one day, one month, 6 months to a year. We graduated 36 women from the program. We have one graduation coming up in May of this year and eight more that will be graduating in the fall of 2019 and winter of 2020. Here is the best news yet. Only 2% of ALL the women have returned to some sort of the sex industry.

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