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About Restored Hope Ministries

Restored Hope Ministries first objective is to rescue young women and their children that are trapped in sexual slavery, trafficking, and domestic violence that can't break loose and get out on their own!

Our Mission

Our mission is to rescue, restore and heal women and their children to normal lives who have been affected by the adverse conditions of life that include sexual exploitation and trafficking, human slavery, sexual abuse, poverty, domestic violence, homelessness, and interaction with the criminal justice system, through education and unconditional love.


God's vision to us includes going nationwide. There is a need in every town, every city, state, and country to “help hurting people” With your help and blessings we will surely touch and restore many lives. Please help us save the lives of woman and children from your town. 

Our program provides 12 to 18 months of transitional housing with spiritual & physical self-help programs.

We have found that the process or grooming of a young woman by the “pimp” is so thorough that the women actually bond to them as a husband and wife are supposed to do. Let's don't forget all the riches that are lavished upon the woman very early in the relationship. This changes as the relationship goes on then a child is born or the woman's spirit is broken and she gives in. Sometimes there is violence that is involved when a woman wants out. The single most important reason these women can't get out and escape is the TRAUMA that comes with this abuse. With those few factors alone it is almost “impossible” for a young woman to escape without help from an outside source.

We have obtained a larger 16 unit apartment and we will go forward with our purpose by reuniting families that were broken by Sex Slavery & trafficking, the Criminal Justice System or domestic violence. At this facility we will focus on putting the families back together and restoring the parent child relationship. So women, and children will be allowed in this program.

Our program provides 12 to 18 months of transitional housing with spiritual & physical self-help programs. These programs consist of Celebrate Recovery, Financial Peace University, group-talk, computer skills classes, budgeting, GED, parenting, legal services, medical & dental services, dance and exercise classes and job preparedness classes. Each lady is provided a mentor and a professional counselor that stays with them until graduation and beyond graduation.

All is done at no charge to the women. We are committed to walk alongside them for the rest of their lives.

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