Executive Resident Advocate

Theresa retired June 2018 after teaching U.S. History/Government for over 30 years. Her complete and fervent desire to nurture her students academically and personally made her a positive force within each school community. Along the way she sponsored many student organizations including Student Council and Youth & Government.

Theresa has been married to her husband Jimmy for 34 years. They have 2 grown children. Her love of her family proves to be amazingly gentle yet fiercely passionate. Her care giving for her parents, especially in their declining years, showed her love and devotion. She has extended that care to others put divinely in her path. She has been instrumental in keeping her extensive family unit together by providing opportunities to honor the traditions revered by her ancestors.

Theresa is a true servant in every sense of the word. She feeds the hungry, shelters those in need of healthy homes, helps the less fortunate learn to help themselves, and pieces the broken back together. She is grateful that God has led her to RHM. Theresa is honored to be part of RHM as she continues to the plant seeds of God’s love and be used as a tool in his workshop.

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