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God has blessed the ladies at Restored Hope this past year so much. I want to share with you

about 1 of our ladies. As always safety comes first so I will be using simple letters as to protect


R came to us from another state and was sexually exploited and addicted to drugs and alcohol.

She is married but the marriage was hurting was being destroyed due to abuse of alcohol

leading to physical abuse. She reached out to a national hotline and was referred to Restored

Hope. We had a time getting her here as she missed the plane because she got drunk in one of

the airport restaurants, ran up a bill that she could not pay and got arrested. After God worked

all of that she came to us and began her journey. Now being here 8 months.

She had no relationship with her husband, family, or children! She began to surrender to the

process and to Christ and God started to move. Within months I was talking to her husband,

“H”, and mentoring him. I asked him if he loved his wife and wanted to fight for their marriage?

He said yes and we began plans to bring him to Texas. We got him into a year program to get

his business straight and now they are recovering together.

Not only did God start the restoration of the marriage but He began restoring the relationships

that had been damaged between her mother and her children. Through phone calls and

writings, she has been able to heal the hurting and her children have seen the growth and

happiness in their mom. The love has continued to flourish, and they just made a road trip from

her hometown to share an incredibly special visit with Mom. Praise God.

Now her goals in site and her future bright she is preparing to head back to school in 2 weeks

where she will obtain a CNA certification and start searching for local employment at the area


BIG plans for the future…. After R & H graduate their programs, get ready for wedding bells!

That night with love and blessings in the air we will reunite this couple with God’s love and

celebrate the beauty & sanctity of marriage. We will have a full-blown wedding ceremony and I

am honored to be the one to walk them through the renewing of their wedding vows. God has

restored everything, and He used Restored Hope to do it. Thank you, Lord!

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